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In Backing up Billy Bunter:

Bunter finds himself in a jam – but not the sort he likes to guzzle! Bunters’ father is relieved of £5000 by his sticky fingered Secretary and finds he can no longer stump up the money to pay Billy’s school fees. It behoves Billy to “work like billy-o” and win a scholarship in order to stay at Greyfriars.

Billy enlists the help of the Famous Five to help him achieve his aims. Much hilarity ensures as usual and this is to say nothing of the sub plot involving Sir Hilton Popper and Poppers Island nor of the twist in the tail which brings both stories together.

Backing up Billy Bunter is a particular favorite of mine. Heavily laced with “The Bounder” as well as an array of the usual characters I’m sure if you’re a Bunter fan you’ll get bags of pleasure out of this tale. Visit where you can download a pdf of this great Bunter book: Backing Up Billy Bunter PDF

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Backing Up Billy Bunter


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