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Billy Bunter Books

Billy Bunter Books keep me coming back for more!

What is it about Billy Bunter books that keeps me coming back for more? Reading Billy Bunter before lights out (though not yet before rising bell!) has become a habit if not an addiction. But it’s certainly one which helps me to escape the stresses of the day and enter an evergreen world brim full of that often illusive “feel good factor.”

How I came to be a fan of Billy Bunter Books:

I remember my first brush with Billy Bunter. I think it was the happiness of the occasion that set me up to be able to so enjoy a good Bunter for so many years since. It wasn’t a book though it was a splendid radio play on BBC Radio. I was in my early teens and had been left alone to fend for myself for the weekend – perfect! A grouse had been left for me to cook and a bottle of Claret secured to enjoy with it. Dinner prepared I sat down to enjoy the feast with the radio for company and along came Bunter. It was Billy Bunter and the Blue Mauritius. I remember enjoying the play. I remember enjoying the grouse too. I think I enjoyed the wine the best and the whole sense of freedom. The evening foretold of greater days to come with even greater freedom. It was about 20 years before my next brush with Bunter. Much water had passed beneath the bridge by then. I had often recalled that night. I had had many more grouse since then and untold bottles of wine. I was looking on eBay one night and had finished with the immediate things. It occurred to me to have a look and see if you could get Billy Bunter books on eBay. Ebay was quite new at the time or at any rate I was certainly new to it. Ten minutes later I was eagerly looking forwards to a thud on the door mat and the arrival of my first Billy Bunter book! When it arrived I was not disappointed and I have never looked back since! I hope this will be the first of many blog posts on my Billy Bunter Books Blog. Feel free to drop by and comment any time. Always good to hear from fellow Bunter Fans 🙂 Matt

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Billy Bunter Books for sale!

Things are gathering momentum here on the Billy Bunter Books website. The shopping cart system is on track to launch on June 1st 2014.

Hopefully there will be plenty here to entertain as well as to buy if you are in a buying mood.

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