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Complete Cassell and Skilton Book List

Complete Billy Bunter Books List

If you are looking to get a complete set of Billy Bunter Books or just interested to see how many there are, here’s a complete Billy Bunter Books list with all of the Charles Skilton and Cassell books . How many have you read? You can navigate to copies I have in stock via the browse by title label on the menu above of simply saunter through the catalogue section.

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Billy Bunter Book List

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Billy Bunter Book List



Charles Hamilton Frank Richards

Video view of the world of Charles Hamilton / Frank Richards

Charles Hamilton wrote a great many public school and other stories apart from those concerning the most famous of his charaters: Billy Bunter. Although he wrote the Bunter stories we know and love under the pen name of Frank Richards he also used other pseudonyms when writing stories with other groups of characters. This he did as it helped him to view each from a different perspective.

The Friars Club states: “It is estimated he wrote over 80,000,000 words during his long and productive life”

This is nothing short of amazing to me. The very thought of writing so many words gives me a kind of vertigo! But of course it is not just the number of words, it’s the quality of the writing and the pleasure Charles Hamilton’s work has bought to so many people of all ages.

Charles Hamilton Video

Do have a look at the video. It depicts Charles Hamiltion in an English era that is now past, rather like the age of Greyfriars. Though I am too young to have personally experienced very much of that era It none the less inspires me with a strange yet happy nostalgia. One of the key rewards for me of picking up a good Bunter novel!

Charles Harold St John Hamilton 8 August 1876 – 24 December 1961 AKA Frank Richards

Charles Hamilton

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Backing Up Billy Bunter

Read or Buy Backing up Billy Bunter

In Backing up Billy Bunter:

Bunter finds himself in a jam – but not the sort he likes to guzzle! Bunters’ father is relieved of £5000 by his sticky fingered Secretary and finds he can no longer stump up the money to pay Billy’s school fees. It behoves Billy to “work like billy-o” and win a scholarship in order to stay at Greyfriars.

Billy enlists the help of the Famous Five to help him achieve his aims. Much hilarity ensures as usual and this is to say nothing of the sub plot involving Sir Hilton Popper and Poppers Island nor of the twist in the tail which brings both stories together.

Backing up Billy Bunter is a particular favorite of mine. Heavily laced with “The Bounder” as well as an array of the usual characters I’m sure if you’re a Bunter fan you’ll get bags of pleasure out of this tale. Visit where you can download a pdf of this great Bunter book: Backing Up Billy Bunter PDF

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Backing Up Billy Bunter


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