The Box Room

Welcome to The Box Room. The little room in the remove passage where Billy Bunter seeks sanctuary when he’s in danger of being scragged bald headed for pilfering other peoples tuck. This is where he can lock the door and hide himself (and his stolen comestibles!) Where even the irate orders of Mr Quelch coming through the bolted door may pass him by like the idle wind which he regarded not!

It is also a room here on Billy Bunter Books. A room where special offers will be found from time to time. Or at least – clues that lead to them! (adverts to special offers on the site) and occasional money off vouchers 🙂

In fact, there’s a coupon lost in the by Horace Coker in his study that you can find right now! Better be quick though as it wont last forever do you see it?

Oh I should have told you!

You will need the password to get into Horaces Study! it is: horaces coupon


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